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Who I Am?

I was born in Bakırkoy, İstanbul,
on September 14, 1988.
After high school I went to drawing
courses for visual arts preparation.
I studied Graphic Design at Dogus University.
After college I realized that motion
graphics was more satisfying than graphic
design, therefore I began learning After
Effects with online tutorial sites like Lynda
and Digital Tutors.
Now I am working as a Motion Graphics and
CG Artist since 2012, and I always
like to be a part of a powerful, creative
and family-like team.

What I Can?

After Effects / Premiere / Photoshop / Illustrator90%
3ds Max / Cinema 4D85%
Unreal Engine85%
CryEngine / Unity (as needed)60%
Xcode / UI (as needed)55%

Where Did I Work?

  • Co-Partner

    Zerone Project / SelfJuly 2016 - Present

    Developing own Indie-Game with Unreal Engine. Also working on Realtime Architectural Visualization with Oculus Rift.

  • CG / VFX Compsiting Artist

    Green PicturesDecember 2015 - June 2016

    Worked on “Cereyan” Movie at all Post-Production stages as CG Artist. Also Designed Company Intro Animation with Cinema 4D.

  • Game Level Design, CG, Motion Graphics Artist

    Kalyon ProductionDecember 2014 - November 2015

    Worked many projects like Short Films, Tv Spots, etc. before. After then switched to 3D Projects created with Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine.

  • Motion Graphics Artist

    OBSS - Open Business Software SolutionsFebruary 2014 - November 2014

    Freelance Motion Graphics and Mobile UI Design

  • Game Level Design, VFX Compositing, Motion Graphics Artist

    GRAFİ 2000May 2012 - November 2014

    Motion Graphics and Compositing in After Effects, C4D Environment Design in CryENGINE, Unity, Unreal Engine

What I Do?

I work with big and small brands.

Game Design

Architecture Visualization

Geometric 3D Modeling

Mobile UI Design

VFX Compositing

Motion Graphics

Who I Work With?



Creative Director

He graduated from Dogus University in Istanbul majored in Graphic Design. Studied at Max The Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design in Toronto Canada. Worked at Toon Effects Animation Studios for awhile in Istanbul. He carried his talent and experience to a new area, mobile applications. He started at OBSS, leading mobile application development company in Turkey as a manager of UI & UX team. Worked in different projects such as UI & UX, illustration, sounds and animations of many mobile applications. He is the co-founder of Zeroneproject in the USA.




Born in Istanbul, in 1983. Worked as an editor, scriptwriter and a freelance director for several years. Shot more than 10 short films, got awards from international and local festivals. He completed his first feature film and working hard to do the second...



Musician / Composer

He was born in 1994, in Tekirdağ, Turkey. He has been studying music at Bilgi University. His main focus is on film sountrack and trailer music. Apart from this, he has also composed music for other media courses and stock music as well. Besides, He has composed all the music of the film called ``Cereyan`` that will be released in 2017 February. Nowadays, he has been studying on the music of his second full-length film.

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